WALT-NAALT Joint Conference, Arlington, VA USA
    • General Guidelines for publication
      • Competition for publication in the indexed literature is intense
      • Peer-review remains central to acceptance
      • There are ways to navigate the system-even for new and controversial ideas
      • Competition for Publication is Growing
      • Economic Forces
      • Payments for Publication: Impact factor < 1 — $306 ; 1 < IF < 3 –$458 ; 3 < IF < 5 — $611 ; 5 < IF < 10 — $764 ; If ≥ 10 — $2,139 ; Publication in Science or Nature – $30,562
      • Submission Rates Increasing
      • Study Quality, Size and Focus are Important Factors
      • Importance of topic
      • Relevance to the journal’s audience
      • Adequate power
      • Appropriate analysis
      • Trials registration (e.g., ClinicalTrials.gov)
      • Desirable papers: Translational and clinical trials ; Health Sciences/outcomes research ; Cost benefit and comparative effectiveness analysis ; Provide new information ; Potential impact on research or care
      • Common mistakes: Not addressing differences between audiences ; Confusing, poorly worded presentation ; Reader may not understand your meaning ; Underestimating the level of competition ; Lack of novelty/utility ; Previous/overlapping publication
      • Plagiarism and Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest are Serious Issues: Relevant journal editors are informed; Retractions/corrections are printed; Often reported the author’s institution
      • Dealing with rejection: After the week, read the letter again; Read the rationale for rejection; Is the rejection final?; Is it a screening level rejection?; If resubmission permitted; Address comments following author guidelines ; Be courteous and respectful; Remember most journals have a formal appeal process; Ask for time extensions as needed.
    • Discipline specific guidelines for phototherapy
      • Selection of journal
        • Cater to audience
        • Check that journal accepts similar papers
        • Clinical trial requirements
      • Strong study design
        • Methodology should be selected and reproducible
        • Suitable quantitative data should always be supporting qualitative date
        • Adequate statistical analysis should be implemented
        • Clear images and diagrams in jpeg
      • Improving impact factor of journals in the field
        • More strict admission criteria
        • Specific journal guidelines to authors
        • Formalized statistical review
        • Increased review papers
        • Increased editorial commentaries
        • Publishing guidelines (eg; for laser therapeutic applications)
      • Specifications that should be listed in journal guide to authors
        • How laser parameters should be reported in papers
        • Empower journal administrative staff to return to author if paper do not meet minimum journal requirements
      • Authors
        • Young authors should employ mentorship
      • Plagiarism and Ethical conduct
        • Institute suitable plagiarism pre-check
        • Dual submission to journals is unethical and may lead to disciplinary action
  • Economics of Research and Funding
    • Ensure firewall between research and industrial support
    • Understand difference between contract research and investigator initiated research
    • Promote academic funding through clinically orientated photomedicine research
    • Promote photomedicine directly rather than introducing it as a peripheral to another issue
    • Successful grant application depends on suitable topic, collaboration, output history
    • Apply to suitable funding agencies
    • Scientific Societies should assist with grant application

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