WALT-NAALT Joint Conference
Education breakout session report
Wednesday October 10, 2014 Arlington, VA USA
Co-Chairs: Pat Trimmer and Arun Darbar
Attendees: Scott Benjamin, Peter Jenkins, Raminta Mastis, James Carroll, Chip Godine (unable to attend - Liisa Laakso)


We attempted to list 8-10 key concepts that would be essential for a novice to understand photobiomodulation. We generated a working list that will need further refining from other key organizations.

Why have a list of key concepts? This list of key concepts can be used in a variety of education situations - the general public and mainstream conferences, politicians, new users…

  • Photobiomodulation, also known as light therapy or laser therapy
  • The delivery of light to a body to generate a response, improve health and healing.
  • Light energy in the form of protons is transferred to all tissues of the body.
  • Photons are absorbed by cells and tissues and initiates chemical changes that can be propagated beyond the initial site that is illuminated.
  • Photons interact with tissues through reflection, absorbance, transmission, scattering and propagation.
  • Wavelength, intensity and exposure time alter the chemical changes induced during photobiomodulation.
  • The composition of the tissue influences the chemical changes initiated by interaction with photons.
  • Photobiomodulation triggers natural healing processes, reduces pain and accelerated healing and repair of injury.
  • Photons can be delivered to tissues using many different light sources and devices.
  • Light is life.

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